Star Citizen registers 4,924 organizations in first 12 hours

Star Citizen's crowdfunding continues to hit new cosmic heights, hitting $37 million and counting. In addition to these numbers, Chris Roberts also revealed the amazing response to the game's new Organization system, noting that 4,924 new organization groups have been created in the first 12 hours since the feature's launch.

The breadth of the Star Citizen community continues to astonish," wrote creator Chris Roberts on the Star Citizen website. "You've taken up our charge and are creating something truly unique."

A recent Star Citizen blog post explains the Organization system in full, which operates similarly to a standard clan system. Players input their registration information and a ten-digit ID in order to create an organized group for themselves and their friends. Organization heads give ranks to various members and can communicate with one another through the new live chat system. More features are slated to be phased in throughout the coming months, including multiple membership, visual charts, and fleet views.

It should also be noted that our own ShackFleet was among the first to take advantage of this new feature, with an organization of 162 members and counting.

Star Citizen remains in alpha, with its next step to open up the Tanga System nebula, as part of its promised stretch goals. The game is eyeing a 2015 release window.