Free-to-play Happy Wars no longer requires Gold on Xbox 360

Developer Toylogic has released an update to the free-to-play Xbox 360 game Happy Wars, making certain modes available without a Gold membership.

The update lets free users play the single-player modes, including the Story Campaign, Skirmish, and Tutorial stages. It's made a few changes as well. Skirmish used to be called Training, but with its new title comes the ability to earn score, items, and Happy Stars. Items have been given experience point values for upgrades, and various bugs have been fixed.

However, the non-Gold version of Happy Wars is essentially a glorified demo. Free members won't be able to play multiplayer, access missions, or use the treasure map. Microsoft's refusal to let non-Gold members play free-to-play games directly contrasts Sony's policy, where free-to-play games like DC Universe Online can still be played online on PS4, even without a PlayStation Plus subscription.