The Last of Us: Left Behind adds multi-faction battles

Naughty Dog is sharing some new details about The Last of Us' upcoming Left Behind DLC. A new developer interview shares some insight from voice actresses Ashley Johnson (Ellie) and Yaani King (Riley) about their characters and their history. On top of that, a couple of the studio's designers also reveal some of what can be expected from Left Behind, in terms of gameplay.

"With Left Behind, we wanted to make single-player DLC that was as fully-crafted as our main campaign," Naughty Dog lead game designer Jacob Mikoff told PlayStation.Blog. "There's a great deal that we've done with the DLC that exceeds the level of, let's say, narrative density that we had in the main campaign."

Naughty Dog's Anthony Newman adds that Left Behind will focus less on combat and more on exploration and piecing together the story of what happened in the abandoned mall that Ellie and Riley encounter. That's not to say there won't be combat at all, as Minkoff says that Left Behind will feature some of the game's more challenging battles, which will showcase new multi-faction combat.

"You can play them against each other," explains Newman. "You can throw a bottle and have a Clicker go kill a guy or lead an Infected into an enemy or something and get them off your back. We do, what I think, are a lot of cool new things that we're trying out and some of them come out really successful."

Sony also posted a new cinematic trailer that expands on the previous one. You can watch both the trailer and the developer interview below. Left Behind is set to release on February 14.