Tomb Raider Definitive Edition trailer details visual enhancements

Tomb Raider's upcoming Definitive Edition is certainly prettier than its current counterparts, thanks to a host of graphical bells and whistles that Crystal Dynamics packed into the new console releases. We've seen side-by-side comparisons, but a new official trailer give a broad overview of the new visual upgrades.

In it, you can hear executive producer Scot Amos detail the increased fidelity of Lara's face, the tress effects on her hair, physics models on her gear, and the various ways blood, mud, and water look on her skin. Those who have played the original know she gets bloody a lot, and the trailer details how the team pulled off the effects.

Amos recently revealed that the team wanted to do the port since the end of 2012, when they first heard details of the new consoles. "Square didn't approach us saying to do XYZ, at the end of the game the dev team said 'there's all these things that we want to do', but we'd pushed those machines to the limit at the time," he said.