Report: Grand Theft Auto 5 bug log mentions PC version

Yet another clue has dropped indicating a possible PC port for Grand Theft Auto V. A reportedly leaked bug log detailing test builds of the game between April 2009 and August 2013 makes several references to PC versions and PC-specific architecture.

PC Gamer reports that the document is 150 pages long, and in that time references PC bugs 170 times. It also makes notes on DirectX 11 support, a smog weather setting, bugs related to 64-bit system testing, and a "lastgen" toggle.

The file was reportedly leaked in September, and has been making the rounds on fan forums. It seems legitimate, as the log aligns with major updates and press showings. It also has annotations from Rockstar developers and references to proprietary management systems. Rockstar may have been demoing the game on PC while in development, but the DirectX features seem to take it beyond mere testing.

In August, GTA V was casually name-dropped by Nvidia, after Rockstar posted a job listing for a PC developer. The company has only ever gone so far as to say a PC version is "up for consideration," but more and more it seems like a port is imminent.