Octodad 2 squishes onto PC on January 30

"Loving father. Caring husband. Secret Octopus." A tagline which might never be bested. Short, funny, and a perfect explanation of what drives Octodad: Dadliest Catch. The joy and tragedy of these three aspects combining are on display in a new trailer, released today to celebrate the news that it'll debut on PC and Mac on January 30. The PlayStation 4 version will follow later.

The new trailer sees our hero visiting an aquarium with his family, which may be an exciting day out for the kids but is a little bittersweet for him, an octopus pretending to be a human whose life may very well fall apart if too many people observe him flailing and floundering like a cephalopod with delightfully awkward controls. Bless your heart and the blue blood it pumps, Octodad.

Developer Young Horses told Polygon that it's aiming to launch the PS4 version in March, and that buying it on any platform will get you the game for all three. Depending on how successful the game is, Young Horses may release Xbox One and Wii U versions too.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch will be available through Steam, GOG, and Humble.