Dreamfall Chapters 27-minute walkthrough shows off dialogue system

It's been nine months since Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey smashed its crowdfunding goal (though over six years since the very first plans), and we have another eleven until it arrives in November 2014. So how's it looking at this point? Pretty good, it seems, going by a new 27-minute gameplay walkthrough narrated by creator Ragnar Tørnquist and design director Martin Bruusgaard.

The video shows off the first half of the adventure game's second chapter from a pre-alpha build, which sees returning Dreamfall character Kian Alvane in prison, sentenced to death.

As you'd expect from such a dialogue-heavy series, it involves a lot of chatting, which gives a good look at the new dialogue system. As you consider which dialogue option to pick, your character will run an inner monologue, explaining more of what the situation means to them.

"We felt a lot of other games didn't really let you predict what your answer would be," Tørnquist explained. "You would select one answer and your character didn't really say what you intended him or her to say, so we feel like this is a good option to let you peek into the mind of the character you're playing, without spoiling the line--you don't exactly know what the character's going to say."

Here's the video, though if it doesn't work for you because computers, head direct to GameSpot.