Xbox One indie games expected to launch around March

Although Sony has taken the lead in courting smaller developers this generation, Microsoft's ID@Xbox program has been winning back indies. The fruits of their labors will be seen starting March, Microsoft's Chris Charla said. According to Charla, games have been in development "for months" and that we can expect the first games "closer to the third month" of 2014.

"In terms of how many games there will be, it's hard to say, because they're still in development," he told Edge.

However, Microsoft has one again attracted the ire of devs, some who are concerned about Microsoft's reported parity clause--one that forces Xbox developers to launch their games simultaneously with other platforms. "Unfortunately we really don't comment on our publishing policies,” Charla responded. "Obviously we've heard the feedback from developers and we're looking at all the way the ways we can to lower barriers for developers, but I really can't comment on publishing policies. The reality is that developers should get in touch with us and talk."