Firefly Online coming to PC and Mac, due in summer

The social RPG Firefly Online is coming next summer, according to developer QMx. On top of that, the studio has announced that it will be launching on PC and Mac in addition to the previously announced iOS and Android.

Sci-fi site io9 (via IGN) reports that it it also may expand to other platforms, and that price and pre-orders will be announced shortly. The initial release will let you be a Browncoat captain, but the team is considering adding other factions via DLC. The preview also showed off some concept art and renders of the "free flight system" that lets you navigate around the Verse, but we still haven't seen the actual game in action.

As previously reported, you'll be able to customize your ship, recruit a crew, and take on jobs (quests) to make a living. Find a crew, find a job, keep flying.