Thief gets a companion app and new story trailer

Tonight has been a big night for Square Enix's Thief, with a new story-based trailer debuting at tonight's VGX, shortly after new details of an accompanying companion app were revealed.

A free version of Thief's companion app will release in North America on February 25 (via Polygon), featuring character bios, background info, and Thief-related news.

There will also be a premium version of the app available, which will be made free to anyone that pre-orders from GameStop. Early adopters will also get the game's soundtrack and an exclusive bank heist mission. "The full app is connected with the game," said producer Stephane Roy. "So when you play, all your personal stats, for example, will be in the app. Also, there is a lot of information in this game and the background story is really important, so we are going to be able to read a lot of newspaper notes and stuff like that. We have also leaderboards that you are going to have on the app, so while you play, we are going to update all of this information."

The pre-show also allowed for some more detail on how Thief will play, with some of its customization options explained.

"You are going to be able to customize your game," Roy added. "Even if it's easy, medium, or hard, if you want, if a guard detect you, if he sees you and you want it to be 'Mission Failed,' you can customize it and turn on the switch and you are going to be 'Mission Failed.'" Roy adds that customization options will even allow for complete masochism with a setting that could have players start the game completely from scratch when spotted, regardless of how close to the end they are.

For more on Thief, check out the new story trailer below.