Super Time Force delayed as Xbox One version announced

Super T.I.M.E. Force may have players messing about with time to explode men, but its development sadly must obey the known laws of the universe. Developer Capy Games has delayed the co-op singleplayer shooty platformer's Xbox 360 release into early 2014 so it can launch alongside, hey, an Xbox One version!

"As 2013 waned and the ruckus around new consoles got louder, we decided that launching on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 would be the best way for Super Time Force to get out there," Capy co-founder Nathan Vella told Joystiq. The game's now due "a few months into 2014."

While Microsoft Studios is publishing the Xbox 360 version, Capy will self-publish the game on Xbox One. You may have spotted its name in Microsoft's recent list showing off thirty of the independent developers signed up to its ID@Xbox programme.

Capy is also working on Below, which will initially only be on Xbox One. "Super Time Force is easily the most action-packed and ridiculous game we've ever made, while Below is, without much exaggeration, on the complete opposite side of the spectrum," Vella said.

Here's a six-minute gameplay trailer showing how those time warriors looked back in July:

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