Star Trek Online winter event intercedes in Gingerbread/Snowman conflict

The holiday season is a special time for MMOs, in which the developers really get to bank on the "living world" aspect and make the surroundings more festive. Apparently the spirit of the season sticks around well into the future, as Star Trek Online is once again rolling out its winter event starting today.

Starting today at 10am PST, you'll be able to visit Q on Qo'nos, Earth Spacedock, or New Romulus Command. He'll transport you to Q's Winter Wonderland, a special area in which starfleet captains will have to protect Q's colony of gingerbread people from an army of snowmen. The 'Winter Invasion' event is cross-faction, PvE-based, and available for all players at level 10 or higher. Beating down the snowmen will grant you holiday commodities, which can also be found around the winter map.

The winter events will bring back previous activities too, like The Fast and the Flurrious and The Fastest Game on Ice races. The festivities will last until January 16, 2014. You can check the official site for more details.