WWE 2K14 DLC debuts Big E Langston and Fandango

2K Sports has announced a new round of DLC offerings for WWE 2K14, which will bring some new playable characters to 2K's debut wrestling game. The WWE Superstars and Moves Pack will be headlined by rising star and new Intercontinental Champion, Big E Langston, along with dancer extraordinaire, Fandango (which is pronounced FAHN-DAHN-GO!). The DLC will also feature new playable Divas, the Bella Twins and Fandango's dance partner, Summer Rae.

The new DLC will also feature over 30 new moves and taunts, including AJ Lee's Black Widow finisher and CM Punk's Koji Clutch.

The WWE Superstars and Moves Pack is available today for $7.99 or as part of WWE 2K14's Season Pass. Of course, if you absolutely need someone to dance with, Summer Rae will be available free of charge.