WWE 2K14 DLC and Season Pass detailed

WWE 2K14's roster of 100 wrestlers is pretty impressive (well, it does have a few repeats from different eras), but what if your favourite is missing? As Vince McMahon would want, you'll be able to pay extra for more. Publisher 2K today unveiled three months of download content following its release at the end of the month, all bundled up in a Season Pass too.

The DLC lineup includes Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, 'Ravishing' Rick Rude, Fandango, Summer Rae, Dusty Rhodes, Virgil. Check the announcement for details on who exactly is in which pack.

Arriving on the October 29 launch day at $1.99, the Accelerator Pack is essentially a little cheat, letting players unlock all items and change characters' attributes. November will bring an $8.99 pack of seven nWo-themed wrestlemen. Arriving in December, is an $8.99 pack of two wrestlemen, three wrestleladies and thirty moves and taunts. The final planned pack will launch in December at $8.99, offering five new characters and fifteen parts.

One of the new wrestlers from each pack will be released free to everyone, too. The Season Pass will cost $19.99. Buying each DLC pack individually will come out at $27.96, so it's sensible enough if you hanker after enough of it. Here, have a peek at the DLC in this trailer: