PlayStation App out now on iOS and Android

Just because you're not near your console, it doesn't mean you don't want to take part in the social network ecosystem metagame sub... disruptive... web 2.0? As promised, Sony today launched the official PlayStation App for iOS and Android, letting folks check out all that PlayStation Network stuff on the go, from chatting to buying games, as well as hooking up with a PS4.

The free app is available from the iTunes App Store and Google Play in the US.

It lets PlayStation owners see what their friends are up to, chat with them, poke around trophies, buy things in the PlayStation Store, and receive news updates from Sony. More excitingly, it supports the second-screen stuff that's all the rage nowadays. It can be used as a keyboard for a PlayStation 4 as well.

PS Vita offers all PlayStation App features as part of its latest 3.00 update too.