Best Buy Unlocked Epic Gaming membership offers 20% discount on new games for $120

Best Buy will be launching a new gaming membership next week. its "Unlocked Epic Gaming Package" will offer a two year membership for $120. Members will then be able to get a 20% discount on new video game purchases at the retailer. The program should pay for itself after 10 games priced at $60 each.

According to Polygon, the service will be launched on November 10th. In addition, members will get 10 percent bonus trade-in credit and 10 percent off preowned games. Members will also earn double points for every dollar spent on games.

The discount will only apply to console games and there's a limit of three copies of each new game across all platforms. For example, a member could buy two copies of the PS4 SKU and one for Xbox. Depending on how the fine print reads, this may be a rather lucrative offer--especially if one can split the membership across multiple people.