'Of course' Titanfall dev will make a PS4 game, studio founder says

PlayStation fans were upset to find out that Titanfall would never grace a PlayStation platform. The upcoming shooter from Respawn Entertainment has attracted quite a following ever since E3, but it will remain exclusive to PC and Xbox platforms, EA announced yesterday. Of course, that doesn't mean future games won't end up going multiplatform.

Asked on Twitter about the studio's PS4 plans, studio founder Vince Zampella responded: "Of course we will, just not the first Titanfall," adding that he only found out about the exclusivity deal recently.

Zampella is careful to note that there are currently no plans beyond the first game, adding "we are just focused on making Titanfall as good as we can."

If Titanfall does end up becoming a more-than-one-game franchise, it wouldn't be the first time an EA-owned Xbox exclusive ended up going multiplatform. Mass Effect debuted on Xbox, while its sequels showed up across multiple consoles.