Hawken adds co-op survival mode

Shooting people, we're to understand, is wrong, yet shooting AIs is somehow fine. If that's in line with your monstrous morals, mechtastic free-to-play FPS Hawken has now added a co-op mode. You and your chums team up in Bot Destruction to murder waves of AI drones, mechs, and boss bots whose only crime is wanting to live.

The 'Invasion' update has brought oodles of fixes and tweaks and all that patch-y stuff, but the main additions are a new cloaking mech frame, the Predator, and Bot Destruction.

The co-op mode throws 25 waves of rogue AIs at mech pilots, ranging from little probes to mech likes yours, with hunky chunky bosses every few waves. Players can gather resources from smashed AIs to upgrade their own mech between waves.

Also new is a single-player training version of Bot Destruction with support from friendly AI, though it's only ten waves long and, unlike the real thing, doesn't reward you with cash and XP.