Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction have players fighting aliens

Updated with the official trailer.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will introduce a brand new game mode, one involving aliens. Initially teased by Call of Duty's official Instagram, new details about "Extinction" have surfaced from a leak. The mode appears to be Infinity Ward's take on sci-fi co-op shooting, much like Treyarch's zombie modes from Black Ops and World at War.

Leaked screenshots (via Polygon) reveal challenges that give more insight into how the mode plays. Players will have to pick up a drill to make their way into and eventually destroy an alien hive. They will have to protect the drill and kill aliens along the way. There are multiple classes to choose from, each with different loadouts. There's also an in-game currency, which is likely used for temporary upgrades to be used within the mode.

This isn't the fully-fledged sci-fi Call of Duty in space that many were expecting. But, it seems with last year's Black Ops 2 and this new mode, we're getting ever closer.

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