Star Citizen opens Hornet sales with real-time graphics commercial

Star Citizen continues to tease us with what the future of gaming looks like. Spoiler-alert: it will be pretty. A new commercial for the game's Hornet crafts is rendered in real-time (in 4K, no less), running on super-computers that will make your current rig cry.

Of course, this is a commercial after all, and the commercial's real purpose isn't simply to make your mouth drop. No, it's to get you to buy things. The game's store has been updated with Hornets, and they're quite pricey. The "Weekend Warrior" package, for example, goes for $185.

No wonder the game has been so successful with its crowdfunding, with the game well on its way to making $25 million. Perhaps this video will make you consider joining the Shackfleet as well.

BOOM video 16305

Don't forget you can also download the high-res version from us too.

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