TowerFall PC version aiming for January release

TowerFall's arrow-slinging tour de force continued at IndieCade this year, taking the inaugural Media Choice Award. Creator Matt Thorson noted at the event that he's targeting a January release for PC, and detailed some of the new content that will be included.

"There's two new archers and five new towers," Thorson told Shacknews. With each tower containing ten different layouts, he adds that this roughly equates to 50 new levels.

Some of the updated build's newer weapons were on display, with the latest addition being the Drill Arrow that penetrates walls to chase targets. This adds to a collection that already includes the explosive Bomb Arrow and the Bramble Arrow, which spreads spiky barbs across an area. Thorson also showed off some new stage-affecting Orbs, the newest of which scrolls the stage across the screen, like a VHS tracking effect.

Though Thorson hopes to have TowerFall ready for January, he's first looking to get a level editor in place and is ideally aiming for Steam Workshop support.