NBA 2K14 video explains 'pro stick controls'

The NBA 2K series has gradually geared shooting to the right thumbstick, whether it's a jump shot, a lay-up, or a dunk. 2K Sports seeks to expand on the right thumbstick's use in NBA 2K14 by also tying it to dribbling.

"Part of what we're doing with the new dribble and shooting controls, we also wanted to be able to really expand the creativity of users," senior producer Rob Jones said in a new developer diary. "You can now pinpoint and throw assist-type passes that are fancy, whether no-looks or coming out of spins, whatever you want to think of. And we put the control of it right into the user."

Players can hold down the left shoulder button and use the right thumbstick for different types of passes, like behind-the-back and between-the-legs. Accuracy is determined by distance and the player's passing ability. To see some of these flashy passes in action, check out the video below.