Girl Fight brings fighting girls to PS3 today, XBLA tomorrow

Publishers are usually quite keen to draw attention to their new releases but Microprose has, for reasons I cannot imagine, been quite quiet about Girl Fight. Surprise! The video game about jiggly ladies in sexy costumes fighting each other is out later today on PlayStation 3 for $9.99, and will land on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow.

Originally due in spring 2012 but delayed for reasons unfathomable, Girl Fight is, well, a fighting game starring jiggly ladies in sexy costumes. I can't think of any better way to explain it.

Look, you might find this weird and deeply embarrassing, but simply explain to your peers and loved ones that the ladies have actually been abducted and are fighting to earn their freedom inside a virtual reality environment designed to test them for psychic powers. They'll 'get it.'

Girl Fight is made by Spartacus Legends developer Kung Fu Factory, produced by Microprose, and published by Majesco. Yes, it takes three companies to create and release this:

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