Star Wars 1313 motion-capture tech to live on in movies

Star Wars 1313 is all but deceased, in light of the Disney acquisition that put a stop to many LucasArts projects. But take heart, padawans--apparently the game will live on in some form, as it's being adopted by Lucasfilm for use in movies.

The Inquirer (via VentureBeat) caught a video of Star Wars 1313 technology being used for real-time motion-capture of actors. Using the tech, the production company can capture an actor and then transfer the actions to a CG character, cutting down on production time.

Chief technology strategy officer Kim Libreri says that long-term, this kind of technology will help "take the post out of post-production." She also said that this could lead to a sea change in movies, letting viewers customize them in real-time. Those goals will take a while, though, as she notes that it will take 10 years to start scratching the surface.

This doesn't necessarily mean that we'll see the technology used in the upcoming Star Wars sequels. But as rendering technology starts to fuzzy the lines between movies and video games, it's nice to know that LucasArts is planning on capitalizing on that convergence.

As for Star Wars video games, EA has snagged the exclusive license and even opened up a new DICE studio to facilitate development.