Killer Instinct introduces Sadira, re-debuts Orchid

The trend for Killer Instinct thus far has been to remind fans of old-school Super NES fighter by bringing out classic characters. So it's a bit of a surprise to see that Double Helix is debuting an all-new character to the Xbox One-exclusive franchise--while welcoming back another.

Sporting a red hooded shawl and sharp claws along her wrists, Sadira can be seen in a new debut trailer (via Gamespot) bringing the pain to Saberwulf. She also seems to be tied to a spider web motif, as she can be seen using a web swing to propel herself towards her opponent for higher combos.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Killer Instinct trailer if a second character wasn't teased, as well. The trailer ends with Jago turning around to find the series' old femme fatale, Orchid. Oh, and she has a tiger now, for some reason.

As previously stated, Killer Instinct will include one free playable character, but you can get the game's first eight characters for $19.99. Killer Instinct is expected to arrive in time for the Xbox One's launch.