Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster coming this winter

When we last heard from Final Fantasy X/X2 HD, Square Enix was planning to release the remasters this year. And then the publisher went a bit quiet. Has Squeenix forgotten about it? Has it given up on making Final Fantasy games? Be cool. X/X2 HD is now slated to launch some time this winter, so it may be slipping into 2014 but it's still coming.

Square Enix has revamped the PlayStation 2 RPGs Final Fantasy X and FF X-2 with shiny new graphics, an updated soundtrack, an expanded ending and whatnot, as befits a PlayStation 3 and Vita release. On PS3 they'll come in a double-pack, but are to be sold separately on Vita.

Hey look, a new trailer:

BOOM video 16108