$15 Experimental Game Pack offers 33 games from indie all-stars

"I like all the indie games," you say, gesturing with a cup of wine. "The jumping one. That fast one. All the indie games." It's okay! You can stop bluffing! For $15, all and sundry can now buy the honking great bundle of experimental games made as Kickstarter rewards for the LA Game Space.

They're from such fine and famous folk as Hotline Miami co-creator 'Cactus,' Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward, Katamari Damacy wizard Keita Takahashi, and Canabalt dev Adam Saltsman.

Paying $15 gets you 23 games now, and later another ten still in development. Expect to find oddities and wonders including a video store clerk simulator, a first-person skateboarder, explore 'em ups, platformers, strange stories, bright colours, and, above all, a weekend's worth of fun poking around in there. It's only on sale for another ten days, then vanishes into the aether.

The LA Game Space is a non-profit place for exhibitions, residencies, experiments and more, and got many of its chums to chip in games to help raise funds. Look, look at these video games:

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