Arma Tactics deploys to PC on October 1

Bohemia Interactive's turn-based tactical take on the Arma franchise is venturing beyond mobile devices. After teasing the possibility earlier this year, the developer has announced that Arma Tactics is coming to PC on October 1. If you can't wait that long, you can jump in on the beta through Steam Early Access.

The PC version of Arma Tactics will include enhanced visuals that take advantage of the platform, such as high-detailed textures, enhanced shaders and shadows, and high-detailed light maps. Controls will be optimized for mouse & keyboard, as well as gamepads.

Arma Tactics puts players in the role of a four-member Special Forces team. With no given strategies or paths offered, players must decide how to approach any given mission. Bohemia also announced that an additional campaign would be released later in October.

You can pre-order the PC version of Arma Tactics on Steam for $7.64 (15% off) and receive immediate beta access. The game is also out now on iOS and Android at $4.99.