The Lord of the Rings: Helm's Deep rides out November 18

It's taken over six years, but one of those iconic The Lord of the Rings moments players have longed for has almost arrived in LotR Online. The Battle of the Hornburg (also known as That Big Cool Siege At The End Of The Last Film) is coming in its Helm's Deep expansion, which developer Turbine today announced will launch on November 18.

Helm's Deep adds new lands of Western Rohan to explore and quest in, including, of course, that famous fortress. While the expansion boosts the level cap from 85 to 95, characters as low as level 10 can contribute to the fight. The cap boost brings new skills too.

While LotRO is free-to-play, its expansions are sold at full-price. Helm's Deep will cost you $39.99, or $59.99 for a Premium Edition with bonus gear, microtransaction currency, and other bits and bobs. Pre-orders are now open, offering extra trinkets and baubles on top.