Infinity Blade 3 announced

Apple is showing off new iPhones to the world, which means Epic Games needs to announce a new Infinity Blade game. Infinity Blade 3 is "the epic conclusion of the Infinity Blade trilogy," and it promises to have eight worlds, two playable characters, and areas as big or bigger than the entire first game. It has the honor of being the first-ever 64-bit game for iOS devices.

Infinity Blade 3 has you playing as Siris and the "stealthy female warrior-thief Isa." Each character features three unique combat styles, as they try to destroy the Worker of Secrets.

Dragons will be persistent enemies in the upcoming game, according to the official Infinity Blade Twitter. Slaying the dragon will earn you "rare treasure," of course.

In addition, The Verge reports that the addition of OpenGL ES 3.0 to iOS means that the team at Epic can add "lens flares that would make J.J. Abrams proud." The game will be available in the App Store alongside the iPhone 5S, on September 18th.