NHL 14 Ultimate Team getting online seasons, item tiers

Madden's "Ultimate Team" has become one of its more popular (and profitable) recurring features, and in the past few years Electronic Arts has been revising and tweaking the Hockey Ultimate Team for puck fans. This year with NHL 14, EA Sports is adding online seasons to the mix, along with a handful of other new features.

A post on the EA blog details the new features. Online seasons will let you rise through the divisions based on the skill level of your team, and you can earn puck bonuses at the end of each season. Higher divisions will yield more chances for rewards. You'll also be able to earn pucks in other game modes like Play Now or Online Versus, for use in HUT.

Other changes make HUT more RPG-like. You'll have an auction assistant, to easily compare Auction House items. Those items will come in tiers. Player tiers will include Bronze (CHL players), Silver (AHL, European, and some NHL players), and Gold (proven and "superstar" NHL players). Contract items will also come in those tiers, and you'll get bonus contract time for matching contract tiers to their corresponding player tiers.