Dead Rising 3's leveling and crafting to be more flexible

Like any sequel, Dead Rising 3 certainly builds upon elements of its predecessors. Chief among them, new upgrade and crafting systems that are more flexible and eventually give you the ability to craft items without the right ingredients.

When protagonist Nick gets a level up, he'll be able to spend it on various character categories, rather than being funneled down a more linear path. Those categories include weapons, so if you upgrade enough you can bend the crafting rules a bit. For example, you could craft a flaming sword recipe without the proper ingredients, if you have enough pairs of scissors.

"Ultimately, you can combine anything with anything, anywhere," producer Mike Jones told OXM UK.

Jones also confirmed that like its predecessors, Dead Rising 3 will feature multiple endings, complete with an "Overtime" mode that lets you explore beyond the six day span of the regular story. If you make the right decisions, you can go past the standard ending and learn more of the truth behind the events of the game. "So it's not like choose-your-own-adventure crazy infinite endings, there's a finite amount, but they all [correspond to] meaningful story decisions that you make as you play through," Jones said.