Octodad: Dadliest Catch adds PlayStation Move support

Octodad is already quite a handful to control, but developer Young Horses is offering a new way to play with Octodad, adding PlayStation Move support to Dadliest Catch.

"We've been itching to do motion controls for a while now," Young Horses' Geisler said. "Since Octodad is a game about wiggling your tentacles in 3D space, involving the player's body has always seemed like a perfect fit. Controlling Octodad's limbs 1-to-1 feels natural, and luckily doesn't dampen his wacky movements."

According to the PlayStation.Blog, a single Move controller is used, with the front Move button used for the right leg and the back trigger for the left one. Waving the controller will move Octodad, as well as direct his arm or attach his suckers to objects.

The PS4 version is set to arrive by the end of 2013.