Sony Online Entertainment lays off staff from San Diego and Austin offices

Sony Online Entertainment has eliminated positions in both its San Diego and Austin studios, responsible for EverQuest and DC Universe Online respectively. "We had to make the difficult decision to eliminate positions to help reduce costs, streamline our employee base and strategically align resources towards our current portfolio of games and upcoming slate of MMOs, including EverQuest Next Landmark and EverQuest Next," the company said in a release.

An SOE rep told Shacknews any games currently in development, including the PS4 versions of PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online, will not be affected. However, the company did not disclose how many people were affected.

"We deeply value our employees and are grateful for all they've contributed to our company and games. They will be missed by colleagues and friends, and we wish them well in the future," a statement on several SOE game forums reads