Always Sometimes Monsters tests player ethics in a modern world

"Choice is an evaluation of cost and benefit."

These words open the first teaser for Always Sometimes Monsters, the debut title from indie developer Vagabond Dog. This RPG tells the story about a character, broken both financially and spiritually, setting out to win back the love of his or her life. Whether his story ends happily will ultimately be determined by player choice.

Consequence is heavily emphasized in Always Sometimes Monsters, as players can begin and develop relationships with a colorful cast of characters, make money through honest or unsavory means, and choose their own way to deal with the challenges of the modern world. Players will also have the freedom to choose the main character's gender, race, and sexual orientation.

"Developing Always Sometimes Monsters has been a continual process of evaluating our game mechanics and it has also been an evolution of how we regard ethics and morality," said Vagabond Dog's Justin Amirkhani in a press release. "Concepts of right and wrong can easily whittle away within the game, so we are looking forward to seeing what choices players make during their unique journeys."

Devolver Digital will publish Always Sometimes Monsters and bring a playable version to PAX Prime's Indie Megabooth this weekend. The game is expected to release on PC in 2014.