Saints Row 4 Grass Roots DLC is a little bit country

Saints Row 4 has been a smashing success, selling more than one million retail units in its first week. Fresh off this victory, Volition is taking a trip to the countryside. The upcoming Grass Roots Pack takes your ruthless band of political gangbangers and sprinkles in elements of the rural countryside.

The Grass Roots DLC will feature country-inspired outfits (in case you're dying to make your President look like Larry the Cable Guy), vehicles, and weaponry. And while that weaponry does include deadly firearms, like a double-barreled shotgun and an assault rifle, it also ventures into outlandish comedy with a new Plunger Launcher. It fires off toilet plungers and leaves them stuck to people's faces, officially taking this game into Raving Rabbids territory.

The Grass Roots Pack and the Presidential Pack are both available now for $2.99 each.