Samurai Gunn coming to PC, PS4, and Vita

Indie brawler Samurai Gunn is coming to PC this holiday season, followed by PlayStation 4 and Vita versions next year.

Publisher Maxistentialism is headed up by Max Temkin, one of the creators of the party game Cards Against Humanity. The studio is financing the game as an angel investor in order to "bring the minimalist showdown to the public without compromising the game's integrity."

"I first got to play Samurai Gunn at GDC and I was immediately hooked," Temkin said in the announcement (via Polygon). "Beau shared a build with me and I started taking it around to parties... whenever I brought it out the party would grind to a halt and everyone would gather around the laptop. I want to share that experience with everyone."

This is what that experience looks like:

BOOM video 15963