Killer Instinct 'Season Two' planned for 2014

The new Killer Instinct for Xbox One will launch with six characters, with two more characters to follow. The entire roster--aka "the full game"--can be purchased for $20.

Of course, that's only the beginning for Killer Instinct. If all goes according to plan, Microsoft wants to launch a second season of DLC characters for the game in 2014.

Tbe plan would be to launch another set of eight characters for the game's second season. "You can pay $20 again and now you have 16 characters, or you pay $40 again and you'll get the everything version," Microsoft's Ken Lobb told Eurogamer. But you'll still be able to buy characters piecemeal, if that's what you want to do.

Ultimately, Microsoft wants Killer Instinct to be a game that lasts for the entire duration of Xbox One's life--with constant content updates and engine refinements that make it evolve over a generation. "Obviously like everything else, it depends on whether it sells," Lobb said, "but my expectation is yes. That's the goal."