Volume for PS4 and Vita has you playing with sound

Sony's outreach to indie developers continues, as they confirmed that they're bringing Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell's stealth title, Volume, to PS4 and Vita first.

Shortly after the announcement, Bithell pondered on the Playstation.Blog about his life 12 years ago, before going into more detail about what Volume will entail.

"As the name suggests, a large part of the game is about sound, visual ripples in levels show you the range of the noise you're making, and you can deliberately use these sounds to mess with your foes," he said. "And it's remixable. You can change the game's levels, you can fiddle and craft the game to be exactly how you want it. You can make expansions for your friends, or translations to any language you want. Control lies with you."

Bithell remains mum on Volume's plot, noting that it'll be revealed at a "top secret event" in October. He hopes to have Volume completed in 2014.