Retro JRPG Grinsia coming to PC and 3DS

A port of a mobile RPG may not sound wholly exciting, but Nicalis has proven it has an eye for picking games to port (from VVVVVV to The Binding of Isaac), so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. The publisher has announced it's bringing Kemco's retro-styled RPG Grinsia to PC, Nintendo 3DS, Mac, and Linux, polished up a little.

Grinsia's a ye olde-style JRPG from the Japanese developer behind Mystic Chronicles. It's been out on iOS and Android for a fair while, but Nicalis is tarting it up a bit for the port.

Nicalis is re-localizing the game, improving the controls, and adding a new "SNES-tastic" soundtrack. The 3DS version comes with fancy dual-screen doodads, too. It's due a downloadable release some time from October to December. Nicalis hasn't confirmed a price yet.

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