Steam vet aims to make 'Windows a great platform for gaming'

With Xbox One on the horizon, it seemed as though Microsoft had given up the hardcore PC games market. Perhaps yet another 180 is in order, as Microsoft's latest hire suggests a renewed interest in PC games.

Jason Holtman has joined Microsoft. His goal is to focus "on making Windows a great platform for gaming and interactive entertainment." But who is he? Oh, he helped spearhead Steam.

In a profile on GI.biz, Holtman is credited with signing third-party publishers to sell their games directly on Steam. He also helped make Steam sales possible, by convincing publishers that the deep discounts wouldn't devalue their IP.

Due to his contributions, Steam has quite the stranglehold on the PC games market. In fact, a number of publishers have switched from Microsoft's oft-criticized Games for Windows initiative to Steam. With Valve increasingly interested in Linux, and vocally critical of Windows 8, Microsoft's latest hire could be one step to for Microsoft to regain its footing in the PC games market.