Xbox One video discusses 40 controller improvements

Xbox One owners are going to spend an awful lot of time holding a controller--even if mandatory Kinect means You Are Always The Controller, Pal--so it's a pretty important hunk of plastic. Microsoft has a good hard look at the One's revamped controller in a new video, looking at what's new since the Xbox 360.

The seven-minute video (via Polygon) sees Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb and Xbox accessories general manager Zulfi Alam chatting about the 40 improvements it supposedly offers, and having a little peek inside. The pair gasbag about its reworked D-pad, hand-friendly screwless casing, tweaked thumbsticks, trigger haptic feedback, supporting both wired and wireless, and plenty more.

"Hundreds and hundreds of tests were done with thousands and thousands of users to make sure that core gamers, when they touch this controller, it feels familiar, should feel like it's from the same family," Alam said, "you should have the best of the old one, and in addition you have additional functionality."

Xbox One includes a controller in the box, but additional ones will go for $60 each. There's other accessories you can pick up, as well. You can use standard AA batteries for about 40 hours of play, but if you'd like a rechargeable option, there's the Play & Charge kit, which lasts for about 30 hours with each charge.