How Battlefield 4 attempts to encourage team play and class diversification

Not everyone that played Battlefield 3's multiplayer mode bothered to be a cooperative type. Many players opted to go Lone Wolf, sticking to the default Assault class, and playing DICE's game like Any Ol' Shooter. To encourage a bit more variety, DICE is attempting to communicate the game's various features more clearly to players in Battlefield 4.

"I think only a fraction of our players have tried all available gadgets or vehicles in multiplayer," lead multiplayer designer Thomas Andersson says admits. "I think we can do a better job in BF4 of letting players make more educated choices in their kit loadouts and combat roles."

Admitting that "some players" only played with the default Assault loadout, BF4 plans to educate players in BF4. "We're clearly displaying what gadgets can do for you, how different weapons compare, and how they affect your options on the Battlefield," Andersson said in a blog post.

Lone Wolves also went against the cooperative design that DICE had intenced. The plan is to "highly encourage team play--but never force it" by reintroducing Field Upgrades. Similar to the feature in Battlefield 2142, Field Upgrades reward individual players by helping out the team. "You earn them through squad scoring such as squad healing, completing objectives with your squad members, squad resupplies, squad repairs, and other squad actions," Andersson detailed. And you'll be able to choose different upgrade paths, each containing four specializations.

Of course, the addition of Commander Mode is another boon for team-based play: having a Squad Leader literally issue commands to the rest of the squad should make objectives more clear. And, everyone that participates in the command chain will be rewarded. "This creates an eco-system that I believe will take team play in Battlefield 4 to new heights," Andersson added.