Grid 2 'Community Patch' adds mod support

Codemasters has already promised a ton of new content in the upcoming Community Patch for Grid 2, including the Demo Derby mode, Hardcore online playlist, and an increased level cap. But it turns out there's yet another feature slated for this big update: mod support.

"We understand that there's a talented, vibrant and creative modding community out there working on our past and current titles, whether it’s new custom liveries or various colors of tire smoke and other creative endeavors, all accomplished without official support," Codemasters wrote on their blog (via Videogamer). "These things don't go unnoticed at Codies and the whole team enjoy seeing what you guys come up with."

The Community Patch will feature basic support for mods and a feature that creates a separate save file when using them. This represents somewhat of a change from Codemasters' previous philosophy of preventing mods, as a defense against cheaters. In that same spirit, online play, leaderboards, achievements, and RaceNet functionality will be disabled while using a modded save file. Modding is a feature that will only be included in the PC version of Grid 2.

There's no solid deployment date for Grid 2's free Community Patch, but Codemasters notes that "significant movement" should begin in the next week.