MechWarrior Online now rocking 12v12

If 16 robots stomping around the battlefield is a barrel of laughs, just imagine how much fun 24 is. MechWarrior Online had hoped for a long time that it'd be able to support 12v12 matches, but ran at 8v8 for most of its beta. With the official launch only six weeks away, the free-to-play robomash finally now lets 24 players throw down.

Tuesday's patch made 12v12 official, replacing 8v8 after a while in testing (via PCGamesN). That's three 'lances' of mechs per team, in MechWarrior parlance.

The patch also brought balance tweaks, bug fixes, performance improvements, a new hero mech, and a 'First Victory of the Day' double-XP bonus for the first match you win with each mech.

MechWarrior Online is in open beta testing, and has been for some time, so you can just sign up and play today. The proper, super-official, really-for-real-this-time launch is on September 17.