Saints Row 4 character creator released

Yes, yes, the murder and mayhem of Saints Row IV are fun and all, but aren't they essentially just window dressing for a game of dress-up? Now we can have a head-start on making pretty pretty Presidents, as publisher Deep Silver has released its character creator as the free standalone 'Inauguration Station' on PC and Xbox 360. Sorry, PlayStationeers, you may need to wait a week.

The Inauguration Station gives the full range of customisation: body, hair, voice (now including pitch shifter!), clothes, accessories, tattoos, and all. After making a President, you can save and upload them to import into SR4 when it launches on August 20. You can also import uploaded SR3 characters as a starting point, and browse all the oddities everyone else is making.

On PC, it's a free 1.3GB download from the game's Steam page (click the big "DOWNLOAD DEMO" button). It's up in Xbox Live Marketplace too, but currently exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members. Boo. The PS3 version hits Europe tomorrow but unfortunately isn't due in North America until August 13.

While trailers have focused on the boring guy who's the default character, no, he's no fun at all. Here, have a peek at the sort of wonderful weirdos we'll all actually play as:

BOOM video 15782