Rise of the Triad launch trailer gibs everything

Nostalgianauts, today you get to play in blood and guts galore. Throwback FPS Rise of the Triad launched on PC today, bringing back the classic shooter series with all its dual-wielded pistols, rocket launchers, supernatural baseball bats, dog maulings, nets, magic powers, gibs, gibs, and gibs, as the launch trailer demonstrates.

The new RotT is available from the usual places for $14.99.

Fun fact: developer Interceptor Entertainment was behind Duke Nukem: Reloaded, that (scrapped) fancy 3D remake of Duke Nukem 3D which wowed people in 2010. Interceptor has claimed Gearbox only allowed it to make the game--not actually release it--though Gearbox disputes that. Still, it's clearly doing all right for itself with classic FPS revamps.

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