Zeno Clash 2 update tests your PC hardware

You have quite the hardware setup there, don't you? You think you have the ultimate PC gaming rig after dropping hundreds of dollars on graphics cards, RAM, and everything else that makes your PC top-of-the-line. ACE Team's Zeno Clash 2 would like to put your fancy PC to the test with its latest update.

Frame-rate Challenge Mode is a new game mode that will pit you against armies of wireframe opponents that spawn endlessly. The idea is to survive as long as you can, with the game only ending after your framerate falls below 25FPS. It's a unique take on the leaderboard idea and one that hardcore PC enthusiasts may want to check out.

Zeno Clash 2's latest update (coinciding with the Steam Midweek Sale) will also add Steam Trading Cards and a Coliseum Challenge Mode, which will challenge players (who can access an unlimited number of allies) to survive against 50 waves of increasingly-difficult foes. The update is set to arrive today at no extra charge.