Destiny of Spirits: a free-to-play RPG for Vita powered by social

Vita owners from around the world will soon be able to join together to cleanse the world of malevolent specters. Q Entertainment (Child of Eden, Lumines) is working on a free-to-play strategy RPG for Sony's handheld called Destiny of Spirits. And like most free-to-play games, it's all about being social.

Destiny of Spirits will feature turn-based RPG combat against the world's Chaos spirits. Players will use their own collectible Spirits for battle, which they will be able to trade with their friends. Spirits will be unique to certain regions, encouraging trade with players from across the globe.

SCEA producer Kumi Yuasa explained that on the PlayStation.Blog that while you will have access to everything in the game for free, "you can work cooperatively with other users to support your progress." And if you don't want to be social, "you have options to purchase items to speed up your progress."

You'll want to play with gamers close to you, as the distance between players will determine how long it will take for trades to be completed. Players will also be able to "rent" spirits from their friends to aid them in battle.

Destiny of Spirits will launch on Vita later this year.

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