Ouya hailed as most energy-efficient console

If you're trying to save on your energy bill or just want to feel better about your eco-footprint, you might want to look into how much electricity your game consoles guzzle. A new resource hopes to make this easier for consumers, by outlining consumption and energy costs for each available console.

According to the Enervee cost calculator, the newly-released Ouya is actually the most eco-friendly console around. Built with parts found in mobile phones, its tiny footprint is rather unsurprising. Its energy use is estimated to cost about $25 over five years. Wii and Wii U follow on the chart, proving Nintendo is rather energy-wise as well.

The most expensive, inefficient console to own? The first-generation PlayStation 3 "Fat" model, with an estimated energy cost of $263 over five years, nearly double of the recently released "Super Slim" model. The added energy requirements must be powering the Emotion Engine, enabling OG systems to play disc-based PS2 games--a feature removed in later PS3 models.